Deer Lakes Park
Orienteering Meet
4 Oct 2009

It was a rather overcast day with the temperature in the high 50's; but it didn't rain.  We had a large turnout with a lot of newbies; in fact, we ran out of White course maps at the end and had to copy one.  But many White course participants were treated to an encounter with an unusual non-competitor that positioned himself on the most obvious route between controls #1 and #2 - a large beaver.  Many of the novices clearly had a  good time and said they would come to our events again.

Dave Battista was meet director.  Based on the finishing times, his courses were quite challenging.  This was the first event in which we offered a scramble format course; it turned out to be a bit too difficult as several competitors finished with times close to or over 3 hours.  A half-scramble was also offered - just do the first half of the scramble.  One control (d) was complained about by many competitors; in hindsight, it probably shouldn't have been used because of the thickness of the vegetation surrounding it.  Many of the scramble (and half-scramble) competitors did not follow the punching instructions which said, "The clue sheet associates the numbers 4  5  6  and 7  with  [the boxed] controls ... to show where you should punch for the controls on the punch card."  Instead, several competitors seemed to punch the boxed controls in the order they visited them.  These competitors are marked with an asterisk in the results and would technically be disqualified; but because this is the first scramble, their punches were accepted.

Jennifer Livingston set up a string-O course for the younger children.  A number of them did the course before or after spending some time on the swing set and/or going out with their parents on a regular course..

We had one new person join; Brittany Breier became our first junior member - welcome Brittany.

Thanks to Dave Torick, Brittany Breier, Janice Shields, Jason Maruccio, Alexis Rzewski, Jen Livingston and Loretta Opila for handling registration.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Terry Gillis for handling start/finish.  And thanks to Paul Sutcliffe, Joe Logan and Alexis Rzewski for helping to pick up the controls.

The next meet will be a night event at Camp Seph Mack on October 24.

White Course   1.7 km    40 m climb     9 controls
Jesse & Donna Loatman   30:26
Jackson Perry  Indian Guides 30:40
Luca Rzewski  WPOC 32:00
Katrina & Emma  WPOC 49:00
Beegle (2)   50:22
Lamisons (3)   54:09
Ron Becher   54:37
Kukieza Family (4)   55:10
Rose (3)   55:14
Heather Young (4)   58:20
Ritter (2)   58:20
Steelers (4)   58:50
Hugh & Hugh (4)   58:55
Dennis & Jordan   59:40
Doug & Nolan (3)   60:47
River Icenhour (4) Troop 495 76:00
Shea & Pahri Cullen   76:28
Greiner (2)   77:15
Blue Jays & theScorpion (4)   79:22
Battista Family (3)   80:25
Todd Turner (3)   81:50
Stacy Bell (3)   84:53
John Barnett (3)   85:33
The Breier Bunch WPOC 87:35

Yellow Course    2.75 km    80 m climb    10 controls
Matteo Pesenti (2)   65:13
Patty Murtha    68:36
Giuseppina Mecchia (2)  WPOC 75:53
Augustine (2)  WPOC 83:30
Dave Matlin & Rachel Bieber   83:55
Riley Lamison & Jarek (4)   89:47
Steelers (4)   92:07
Flaming Mongoose (4)   111:26
Chesky (4)   111:53
Phoenix Group (5)   112:46
Alpha Wolf (4)   114:15
Tuscan Raiders  WPOC 122:37

Orange Course    3.7 km    150 m climb     9 controls
Joe Logan  WPOC 81:51
Paul & Kathy Sutcliffe  WPOC 91:36
Jason Maruccio  WPOC 92:53
Luca Rzewski (2)  WPOC 94:22
Andrew Shissler & Steve Thomas   98:42
Tim, Nathan, Ryan  WPOC 104:36
Ian, Keith, Frances Irvin   115:48
Loretta Opila  WPOC 119:57
James Tremblay   123:20
Joan Ferraro  WPOC 135:10
Roger Stoffregen  found 5 controls in 67:37   DNF

Half Scramble     4.5 km    about 250 m climb    9 controls
Mark Desnoyer  *   88:54
Thomas Latoza  * CMU 173:50
M.C. Tschantz  * CMU 175:50
Terry Gillis   found 8 controls in 190:27  * WPOC DNF

Scramble Course    8.4 km    about 450 m climb   16 controls
Alexis Rzewski  *  WPOC 95:28
Jim Troutmann  * WPOC 132:18
Fedya Kleshchev ORCA 145:21
Mike & Diana Lorenz WPOC 171:10
Frank Ferraro  WPOC  172:43
Ethan Goldblum CMU  185:56
Samarth Bhargara  CMU 185:56
John Hinderliter  *  WPOC 226:44