Blue Spruce Park
Orienteering Meet
20 Sep 2009

It was an ideal day for a National Orienteering Day event; the only things that were missing were the participants.  For whatever reasons we had a low turnout, considering the weather, the fact that we were giving away stuff and the lateness of the Steelers game.  This event was also co-sponsored by the Friends of the Park; however, only a couple of them showed up.  Most of those who came had a good time.  There was a little unexpected problem for those on the Orange course - one of the controls was incorrectly circled on the maps.  Nevertheless, everyone who went out on Orange actually found the control.   Bryon Roland was the meet director; but the error on the Orange course control was not his fault.   Jim Wolfe incorrectly drew the Orange maps.

Thanks to Patricia Ward, Barbara Johnstone, Mary McElhinny for handling registration.  Thanks to Loretta Opila for providing instruction.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Alexis Rzewski for handling start/finish.  And thanks to Mary McElhinny, Bryon Roland and Alexis Rzewski for helping to pick up the controls.

The next meet will be at Deer Lakes Park on October 4..

White Course   1.67 km    45 m climb     8 controls
Luca Rzewski WPOC 37:38
Teresa & Dylan Rinehart   48:06
Team Cash-Wright (8)   49:30
Terry & Bob Chesky   51:08
Michael Glasser (2)  Troop 29 51:18
Friends of the Park (3)   54:05
Emma & Katrina WPOC 62:05
Maureen Paskar & Pat Ronczka 74:55

Yellow Course    3.2 km    60 m climb    9 controls
Team Sherman (2)  WPOC 39:49
Thomas Latoza & M.C. Tschantz  CMU 52:34
Terry & Bob Chesky   87:22
Giuseppina Rzewski (3)  WPOC 89:33
Barbara Johnstone  completed 5 controls   77:51  WPOC DNF
Emelia PJCC (3)  completed 5 controls   82:01   DNF

Orange Course    4.7 km    170 m climb     12 controls
Caleb & Mary WPOC 77:20
Tschantz & Latoza  CMU 97:40
Chris, Ally & Olivia Peters  missed control #3    118:19  WPOC DSQ
Loretta Opila  mispunch & missed 2 controls   175:00  WPOC DSQ

Red Course    7.4 km    270 m climb   22 controls
Toby Angove 70:32
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 83:43
Fedya Kleshchev ORCA 96:22
Jason Gray WPOC 131:53
Ethan Goldblum   137:25
Jim Hokanson & Matt Perich   139:13
Joe Logan  WPOC 150:20
Frank & Joan Ferraro  WPOC 184:28