Keystone State Park
Orienteering Meet
16 August 2009

It was a very hot day to be orienteering (mid 80's).  The vegetation was at its height and that included the poison ivy.  The turnout was fairly good, light for the White and Yellow courses but ok for Orange and Green.  We had several people show up who had not been to our meets before, most notably Lori & Julia who went out on three courses.  Jennifer Livingston was meet director and course designer.  There were a lot of positive comments about the courses, except perhaps for Orange.  Jim Wolfe, who printed the maps, made a mistake and left one control off of the pre-printed Orange maps.  This caused a little problem for the first few people out on Orange; but a correction was made in time for most Orange competitors.

We had one new member join at the meet; welcome to Martha Heselbarth.

Thanks to Michael Adametz, Dave Torick and Mary McElhinny for handling registration.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Bryon Roland for covering start/finish.  And thanks to Dave Torick, Dave Battista and Michael Adametz for helping to pick up the controls.

The next meet will be at Blue Spruce Park on Sept 20 as part of National Orienteering Day.

White Course   2.25 km    40 m climb     7 controls
Lori & Julia   24:25
Corvatto Family (10)   38:00
Deb Skander + David & Brian   67:22
Emelia PJCC (4)   68:32
Young Family (4)   mispunched on one control (58:52)   DSQ

Yellow Course    3.6 km    130 m climb    9 controls
Mary McElhinny  WPOC 50:10
Eric Jnah   69:00
Lori & Julia   76:27
Joan Ferraro  WPOC 93:46
K & J Janowitz   97:50
Michael & Zach Ward  WPOC 102:20
Anne, Dave & Marv   108:00
Steve Sarver   108:10
Joe, Angela & Joshua Weltner  WPOC 118:29

Orange Course    4.3 km    140 m climb     9 controls
Dave Torick WPOC 53:58
Tim Piper  WPOC 70:30
Lori & Julia   81:41
Loretta Opila  WPOC 128:41
Jason Maruccio  WPOC 182:10
Barbara Johnstone  WPOC 186:10

Green Course    5.7 km    185 m climb   10 controls
Bryon Roland WPOC 73:24
Dave Torick WPOC 81:00
Jim & Matt   94:30
Dave Battista WPOC 95:10
Dan, Mark & Sonya   99:08
Rob Wilkison DVOA 100:40
Andrew Shissler   103:43
Joe Logan  WPOC 104:30
Frank Ferraro  WPOC 107:05
Eric Jnah   108:25
Jason Gray WPOC 120:06
Michael Adametz WPOC 142:22