3nd Annual Beaver Street O-Meet
Orienteering Meet Results
20 June 2009

The event went very well.  We had about 55 people attend.  Some who registered didn't show up and others who never registered did.  The bit of rain in the morning did scare off a few people who were bringing bikes and others switched to running.   Before the event, we showed part of a new orienteering DVD now available for check-out from the Beaver Area Memorial Library.  It's called "Orienteering:  Getting Started- First Steps and Going for It" and was purchased with the money collected from last year's event.  From this year's event fees we are ordering the book "There's a Map on My Lap" by Tish Rabe which is from the Cat in the Hat's Learning Library.

The new orienteering map provided quite a challenge to everyone; the previous map showed street names  There were no complaints except that we probably should have mapped a little better near #25 because it was unclear how to get to the corner of the building if you weren't already familiar with the area.  One dad didn't understand he had to return in 60 minutes.

Following the event, the Beaver Area Memorial Library provided refreshments for the participants and then we awarded the top finishers in both catagories...a backpack for biking and a fanny pack/water bottle holder for running.  A kids course was also set up in the library and will be available to try for a couple of weeks.

Thanks to all the families and businesses that agreed to let us hang a control flag on their property.  And thanks to the Beaver Area Memorial Library and staff for all their help in planning this event.  Thanks to Scott, Jan, Jodi, and Jessica Zang and Tom Knapp (from WPOC) for helping with registration, finish, and control pick-up!  Their help makes this so much more enjoyable.  And thanks to Mrs. Kelly for allowing my daughter to participate with her family since I was required to stay at the start.

Jennifer Livingston, meet director

Beaver Street O (Score Course, On Foot)

60 minutes;  30 controls;  5 points per control;  -5 point penalty per full minute late
Name Club Controls Time Penalty Score
Peggy & Tony   20 57:58 0 100
Frank & Joan Ferraro  WPOC 19 57:23 0 95
Scott & Jodi Zang   18 58:35 0 90
Team Larson   17 59:32 0 85
Team Ruppen   16 54:11 0 80
Covatto Family  (started 7 minutes late)   16 58:12 0 80
Baker Family   15 52:16 0 75
Kaden Ingros   15 58:16 0 75
Team Kelly (and Emma)   15 58:17 0 75
Diane & Elyse Morgan   15 60:52 0 75
Roger Stoffram   17 62:40 -10 75
Jessica & Jan Zang   13 55:34 0 65
The Undoubtfuls   13 58:36 0 65
The Dolphins   11 57:44 0 55
Atkins Family   9 49:10 0 45
Teagle & Tanner   15 70:44 -50 25
Laracuentes Family   24 94:00 -170 -50

Beaver Street O (Score Course, On Bike)

60 minutes;  30 controls;  5 points per control;  -5 point penalty per full minute late
Name Club Controls Time Penalty Score
Michael Crnjarich   21 56:47 0 105