Boyce Park
Orienteering Meet
14 June 2009

It was a very pleasant day for June in Boyce Park.  The turnout was ok but somewhat less than expected.  We did get a couple of newbies from the VO Festival and the library postings; but we were hoping for a lot more.  Phil Martineau, meet director, designed some challenging courses, especially the orange and red ones.  The thick vegetation in Boyce Park, along with the many trails (some unmapped) make it difficult to design good advanced courses; but based on the times and the comments from the competitors, Phil did a good job.  There was one moment when we thought there was a problem on the yellow course; as three people who finished at nearly the same time reported not finding one control.  However, when we checked, the control was in the proper place and no one finishing later had any problem with the control.

Thanks to Jerry Agin, Barbara Johnstone, Al Sheaffer, Loretta Opila, and Bill Unger for handling registration.  Thanks to Alexis Rzewski for providing instruction.  Thanks to Stephanie Martineau for final vetting and handling start/finish.  And thanks to Bill Unger, Alexis Rzewski and Al Sheaffer for helping to pick up the controls.

The next meet is the Beaver Street-O on June 20.

White Course   1.9 km    30 m climb     9 controls
Luca Rzewski WPOC 26:53
Deb Burgess   28:52
Michael Betti (2)   45:30
Beamer Family (4)   53:19
Don Tedrow (4)   73:05
Christian & Zachary Restifo  completed course at 13:36:38   DNS

Yellow Course    3.2 km    78 m climb    9 controls
Al Sheaffer  WPOC 50:32
Matteo & Jerome Pesenti   54:10
Jackson Bree (3)   68:25
Loretta Opila  WPOC 74:52
Sara Whitby   79:45
Michael Betti (2)   85:44
Casey Brienza (3)   86:03
Jeff Arnold (5)   94:40
Joan Ferraro   181:43
Rob Graham     did not find #6    87:50   DSQ
Dan Stoffel (2)   mispunched #6   107:44   DSQ
Tom Kaveney & Linda Grant   did not find #6   146:05 WPOC DSQ
Michael Ward   did not reach last two controls    151:05   DNF

Orange Course    4.9 km    96 m climb     10 controls
Joe Logan WPOC 69:06
Randy Fazenmyer   83:30
Rob Graham   87:34
Marvin Walters, Anne & Dave Koenig   207:17
Vizino Family (4)    did not reach last control   118:57  WPOC DNF
Smell the Roses (2)   did not reach last control    173:30  WPOC DNF
Bill Unger   found only first four controls    91:05 WPOC DNF

Red Course    6.9 km    186 m climb   13 controls
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 70:40
Hannah Burgess USMAOC 92:44
Willy Nilly (3) WPOC 130:12
Frank Ferraro WPOC 143:40
Ray Povirk   147:32
Andrew Shissler   156:25
John Hinderliter  mispunched control #10   121:48  WPOC DSQ
Jerry Agin    found only first seven controls   105:30  WPOC DNF
Mary Bates (2)    found only control #1    82:07   DNF
Mike & Diane Lorenz  lost punch card after #8   ~171:00 WPOC DNF