Stackhouse Park
Orienteering Meet Results
31 May 2009

It was a somewhat overcast and humid day; but the temperatures were in the low to mid 60's.  So, it was very reasonable orienteering weather.  Unfortunately, that didn't seem to be enough to attract many people to the meet.  We had a event with one of the lowest number of starts we have ever had.  We did add two new members - welcome to Janice Shields and Linda Grant.

The times on the Yellow course were generally somewhat slow.  A few participants on Yellow  had trouble finding control # 8 because the trail junction they wanted to use as an attack point was not very distinct.  Nevertheless, everyone seemed to enjoy the courses and the park.  The Score course had two controls worth 5 points, eight controls worth 10 points, eight controls worth 15 points and two controls worth 20 points for a total of 250 points.  It was thought that control #12 might get complained about because it was in a fairly thick area.  But, it turned out that all participants on Score went to #12 and no one complained; one even thought it was a good control location.

Al Sheaffer  was meet director; he designed some very good courses.  Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Laurie Opila, Mary McElhinny, Danielle Pisarcik, and Dave Torick for running registration.   Thanks to Sherry Shank, Curt Mertz, Alexis Rzewski, and  Dave Torick for helping with control pick up.

Our next meet will be at Boyce Park on June 14.

White Course        1.93 km     10 controls
McGrath & Murphy (4) GSA 52:52
Team #1 (Grace, Erin, Lizzie) (4) GSA 53:30
Twasome (6)  GSA 56:33
Sandy Augustine & Janice Shields WPOC 62:00
Susan Lee   146:50

Yellow Course        3.55 km        10 controls
Dave Torick WPOC  36:39
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 44:59
Curt & Sherry  WPOC 55:44
The Peters family (4) WPOC 70:22
Tom & Linda Gray   88:05
Michael & Carol Adametz WPOC 93:08
Loretta Opila WPOC  102:51
Barbara Johnstone  WPOC 116:25
Tom Kaveney & Linda Grant      missed last 3 controls   144:00  WPOC DNF

Score Course        90 minutes    20 controls    5-20 points per control    10 point penalty per minute late
Name Club Controls Time Penalty Score
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 20 77:35 0 250
Dave Torick WPOC  18 86:23 0 235
Curt Mertz WPOC  12 88:37 0 155
Michael Adametz WPOC 14 94:26 40 135
Mary & Danielle WPOC 12 95:40 50 85
Sherry Shank WPOC  5 85:45 0 45