Camp Twin Echo
Orienteering Meet Results
9 May 2009

Although the weather alternated between  threatening and sunny, there was no rain.  The woods were very wet and muddy from the previous rains; but there were lots of wild flowers to see.  Turn out was quite low.  It is hard to identify the cause:  weather?  remote location?  Mother's Day weekend?  However, those who did come had a good time.

We tried two new courses at this event.  We had a Brown course - the shortest version of a course that requires expert skills.  It was only 3.6 km long but provided some interesting challenges.  We also had a Line course - participants had to follow a 5.4 km twisting and turning line and find the controls that were on the line (they were not marked on the map).  This proved to be a fairly difficult task.  A time penalty system was used for controls that were missed on the course.

Jim Wolfe was meet director.  Thanks to Joe Logan, Ray Wygonik, Bill Unger, Dave Battista, Mary McElhinny and Laurie Opila for running the Registration.  Thanks to Al Sheaffer for covering Start/Finish.  Thanks to Bryon Roland for helping with Instruction.  And thanks to Dave Battista, Bill Unger, and Alexis and Luca Rzewski for helping with control pickup.

Our next meet will be at Stackhouse Park on May 31.

White Course        2.21 km     9 controls
Alex, Lucas, River & Kevin  Troop 78 46:02
Leaders (2)  Troop 78 50:22
Andy Miller  BSA 50:43
Ryan Adams  BSA 50:43
Jordan Brant  BSA 50:43
Dan Formica  BSA 52:46
Isaac Joseph (4)  BSA 53:10
Ungers (4)  WPOC 67:45
Sandy Augustine & Janice Shields  WPOC 74:37

Yellow Course        3.20 km        10 controls
Mary McElhinney WPOC  47:33
Chris & Olivia Peters WPOC 54:00
Justin Cleavland & Skip Rooney   59:04
Troop 78 (6) BSA 91:43
Luca Rzewski WPOC 123:35
Jan Reihl 123:40
Barbara Hemstreet 131:37

Brown Course        3.60 km    9 controls
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 41:39
Lorenz WPOC 51:47
Dave Torick & Jim Hokanson   64:23
Joe Logan WPOC 77:30
Justin Cleavland & Skip Rooney   87:19
Dave Battista WPOC 88:38
Al Sheaffer WPOC 97:28
Loretta Opila WPOC 138:25

Line Course        16 controls    (about 5.4 km)   10 minute penalty for each missed control
Name Club Missed Return Penalty Total Time
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 3 89:55 30:00 119:55
Dave Torick & Jim Hokanson   1 115:44 10:00 125:44
Ray Wygonik WPOC  2 150:43 20:00 170:43
Jennifer Livingston WPOC 1 163:19 10:00 173:19
Stephanie Martineau WPOC 3 158:43 30:00 188:43
Bryon Roland     found only 5 controls WPOC  NA 76:11 0 DNF
Paul & Kate Sutcliffe    found only 8 controls WPOC NA 148:01 0 DNF