Deer Lakes Park
Orienteering Meet Results
14 September 2008

It was an unusually hot and sticky day for September; but National Orienteering Day  turned out to be a popular day for orienteering at Deer Lakes.  We had a record number of starts, 74, with 114 participants.  Many people did a second course.  This was what we had hoped for; Jennifer designed the white, yellow, and orange courses to be relatively short and somewhat on the easy side to encourage particularly newcomers to try a second course.  One orienteer, Joe Egan, even did three courses and another, Brian Ottinger, ran the same course twice.  As usual, Alexis set the pace for both the orange and green courses.  There were a lot of very positive comments about the courses; Jennifer did an excellent job in putting the courses together.  She also made a string-O course that 19 younger children tried out.

For National Orienteering Day, we gave away a few frisbees that we acquired courtesy of the DVOA club and a few copies of ONA provided by USOF.  And naturally, we gave little prizes to the kids who finished the string-O.

This was our first event at Deer Lakes Park; so it was a brand new map.  Everyone seemed to like the map, even though many of the yellow areas were a bit faded because of a printing problem.  No one complained about anything out of place.

Thanks to Jennnifer Livingston for directing the meet.  Mary McElhinny, Laurie Opila, Barbara Johnstone, Joe Logan, Mike Ward and Bill Unger for running registration.  Thanks to Dave Battista and Bryon Roland for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Jennifer Livingston, Alexis Rzewski,  and Laurie Opila for providing instruction.  And, thanks to Dave Torick, Alexis Rzewski and Jim Hokanson for picking up the controls.

White Course        1.80 km     9 controls
Alex Habermann & Sam Gutkind   18:44
David Waldeck (2)   23:02
Zara, Molly, & Gilli   24:05
Brian Stack & Keith Miller   24:22
Vincent P. & David C.   25:07
Patty Murtha   28:15
Joe Barbish & Steven Kim   29:06
Elijah & Dave Battista WPOC 29:10
Joseph Egan   31:15
Ian Serbin & Laura Greenburg   31:54
Luke Bittenbinder (2)   32:00
Bree McCullough (2)   37:46
Bobbi, Debbie, & Samuel   38:38
Tom & Kelly Hahn   43:30
Kurt & Carl Villock WPOC 48:10
Sam Okabayashi, Toby Junker, Sagar Kamath  Pack 274 55:58
Michael & Holden (5)  Pack 274 57:02
Roth Family (3)   60:00
Miller & Spence (5)   73:72

Yellow Course        2.55 km        10 controls
Keith Miller & Brian Stack   18:01
Brian Ottinger (second time)   21:20
Joe Barbish & Steven Kim   22:35
Brian Ottinger (first time)   23:09
Jan Waldeck (2)   24:41
A. Flurie   24:59
Ian Serbin & Laura Greenburg   28:40
Joseph Egan   30:50
Roger Stoffizeger   32:05
Alex Habermann & Sam Gutkind   32:50
Luca Rzewski WPOC 36:50
Jason Maruccio WPOC 42:15
Dave & Maggie Greer   42:26
Gary Lohr WPOC 44:46
Zang Family (4)   49:35
Don Lind (3)   51:11
Janz Family (3)   54:45
Sean Byers (4)   54:57
Matt & Jess Simmons   57:13
Vizino Family (6)   58:45
Erica Henry   60:45
Paul Sutcliffe (3) WPOC 61:23
Tom & Margy Kearney   63:24
Unligil-Shaikh Family (4) WPOC 85:46
Mary Bates (2)   86:14
Joe, Angela, & Joshua Weltner WPOC 128:34
Rick Szwaczkowski (2)   128:34
Vincent P. & David C.    One wrong punch, 20:52   DSQ
Zara, Molly, & Gilli    One missed punch,  45:40   DSQ

Orange Course        3.75 km    10 controls
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 33:29
Karin & Anders Villwock WPOC 47:11
Tim Piper WPOC 53:50
Joseph Logan WPOC 57:30
Randy Fasenmyer   57:47
Terry Gillis WPOC 60:57
Bill Unger WPOC 63:12
Steve & Nicole Schlotterbeck WPOC 63:18
Stephanie Martineau WPOC 74:15
Brian Ottinger   75:00
Loretta Opila WPOC 78:22
Joseph Egan   79:06
Mary McElhinny WPOC 79:30
Jason Maruccio WPOC 85:42
Ray Povirk   89:35
Janz Family (2)   122:57

Green Course       5.73 km    13 controls
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 59:41
Dave Battista WPOC 71:20
Bryon Roland WPOC 93:52
Jim Hokanson WPOC 104:10
Mark Desnoyer   122:30
Phil Martineau WPOC 137:10
John Hinderliter WPOC 142:50
Frank Ferraro   146:28
Jason Gray WPOC 154:14
Susan Moore & Dave Torick   only 7 controls, 97:49 WPOC DNF