Boyce Park
Orienteering Meet
19 July 2008

It was a very hot, humid day in Boyce Park.  Nevertheless, we had a good turnout, including a couple of DVOA members and several NEOOC members.  Because it was expected to be hot and because Boyce Park has so much green, the courses were designed to be a bit on the easy side.  Everyone had a good time and seemed to appreciate the cold water and watermelon at the end of their courses.  We had several people join the club and we gave away some frisbees and whistles, courtesy of Mark Frank and DVOA.  Thanks to Joe Logan, Wayne Richter, Loretta Opila, Mary McElhinny and Dave Langton for their smooth handling of registration.  Thanks to Dave Torick, Bryon Roland and Alexis Rzewski for keeping track of start and finish.  And thanks to Alexis and Luca Rzewski and Dave Torick for helping to collect the controls.

The next meet will not be until September 14, National Orienteering Day, on a new map at Deer Lakes Park.

White Course   1.85 km    45 m climb     8 controls
Luca Rzewski WPOC 22:19
Martin Erson WPOC 34:55
Tom Dean   35:54
Margy Kearney   40:28
Johnstone & Neuwirth WPOC 45:00
Josh Phillips   46:33
Dusty Peters   59:27
R. Laufer (Troop 111)   77:45
D. Michaels (Troop 111)   77:45

Yellow Course    3.25 km    105 m climb    9 controls
Pesenti Family   57:40
Howard McIlvried   65:48
Wayne Richter WPOC 67:06
Giuseppina Rzewski  WPOC 73:51
Tim & Martin Erson WPOC 76:36
Johnstone & Neuwirth WPOC 77:55
Weltners (Joe, Angela, Josh & Rita) WPOC 78:43
Schultz & Gottschalk   89:00
Andy Michaels   100:34
R. Laufer (Troop 111)   111:34
Max Erb   127:14
Joe Monteleone WPOC 143:58
Samir & Nicholas Saba     did not punch last control     59:02   DSQ
Vizino Family    finished 7 controls in about 120 minutes   OVT

Orange Course    4.41 km    110 m climb     11 controls
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 37:23
Dave Torick WPOC 44:16
Joe Logan WPOC 69:26
Steve & Nicole Schlotterbeck WPOC 104:15
Paul & Kathy Sutcliffe   114:10
Koenig & Walters   164:32
Mary & Dave    missed 2 controls     89:20 WPOC DSQ
Tim & Martin Erson    found only one control     25:41 WPOC DSQ
Jason Maruccio    no card WPOC DNF

Green Course    5.51 km    115 m climb   12 controls
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 43:10
Petr Hartman DVOA 55:26
Dave Torick WPOC 62:21
Mark Frank DVOA 70:24
Nathan & Matt Hartmann NEOOC 98:27
Randy Fasemyer   104:44
Alex & Lauren Flurie   143:05
Bonnie & Ben Hartmann     missed 5 controls     125:14 NEOOC DSQ
Bryon Roland    no card WPOC DNF