Blue Spruce Park
Orienteering Meet Results
21 June 2008

It was a warm, sunny day; but very few participants came to the meet.  It was not at all clear why.  Perhaps the choice of a Saturday event conflicted with too many other plans.  Perhaps the price of gasoline is taking a bite out of recreational travel.  Everyone who came seemed to have a good time, the few of them that were there.

Meet director, Bryon Roland, set courses that turned out to be more difficult than expected (judging by the times).  Thanks to Bill Unger, Barbara Johnstone, Anne Hoover, Stephanie Martineau, and Mary McElhinny for running registration.  Thanks to Al Sheaffer for handling start/finish.  And thanks to Dave Torick, Alexis Rzewski and Mary McElhinny for helping with control pick.  The next meet will be at Boyce Park on July 19.

White Course        2.2 km     9 controls
Alison, Jackson, Perry WPOC 57:50
Shaylin, Dylan, & Danna Marinelli 67:30
Susan & Jacob Leri 67:30
Tom Kaveney WPOC 72:30
Becky Carpenter & Jay Keenan 92:40

Yellow Course        3.5 km        10 controls
Anne Sorrentino & Jody Lewandowski WPOC 85:30
Chris Peters 97:22
Barbara Johnstone WPOC 105:40
Joe, Angela & Joshua Weltner WPOC 118:08

Pink Course        4.9 km        15 controls
Jim Wolfe  (previously vetted course) WPOC 57:00
Dave, Lauren, Alison & Jackson WPOC 91:46
Bill Unger WPOC 108:10
Stephanie Martineau WPOC 117:10

Score Course        90 minutes    17 controls      10 points per control, -5 points per minute late
Name Club Controls Time Penalty Score
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 17 87:46 0 170
Mary McElhinny WPOC 11 86:40 0 110
Joe Logan WPOC 8 89:41 0 80