Hartwood Acres
Orienteering Meet
20 April 2008

The forecast had been for an all day rain; and it did rain all of Saturday night; but on Sunday, the rain stayed to the east of us.  Nevertheless, it is certain that the threatening weather kept some people from coming to the meet.  Although everything was wet and there was a lot of mud, the event went very well.  There were a couple confusing elements as all the clue sheets were missing the first digit of the control number and the green course was missing a clue for control 14.  But everyone was good-humored about the mistakes and had a good time.  We had a lot of newbies again, as we did the last time we held a meet at Hartwood.  Thanks to Alexis Rzewski for setting some challenging courses.  Thanks to Mary McElhinny for working both shifts of registration and to Loretta Opila, Mike Ward, Jason Maruccio, and Dave Battista.  Thanks to Jerry Agin for handling Start/Finish.  Thanks to Bryon Roland for bringing the canopy and setting it up and thanks to Alexis and Dave Torick for helping collect the controls.

The next meet is our night meet at Stackhouse Park in Johnstown; we hope to see some of you there.

White Course   2.2 km    55 m climb     7 controls
Organization 45:29
Augustine & Shields WPOC 46:31
Greenies 47:08
Bob Mullen 55:04
Scheboth boys & girls 56:58
Katelyn 79:16
Hannah, Katelin, Jamie Lynn, Ashley & Sammy 80:56
Bobbi, Eli & Samuel 96:03

Yellow Course    3.5 km    110 m climb    9 controls
Curtis Mertz   47:35
Sherry Shank WPOC 77:02
Ed & Nancy Kauffman 103:39
Die Wilden Germanen   106:54
Joe, Angela, Joshua Wertner  WPOC 107:00
Moan 107:00
Arnold Family 117:20
Shaikh 121:22
Michael & Zack Ward WPOC 123:15
Wojo 129:49
Luke Pintars   only 6 controls    80:41 DNF
Pesenti Family    only 6 controls    81:31 DNF
Chipmans     only 5 controls   123:04 DNF
Giuseppina Rzewski     only 4 controls    132:24 WPOC DNF

Orange Course    4.5 km    192 m climb     11 controls
Andy Shissler 77:09
Joe Logan WPOC 82:43
Dave, Susan & Zeus WPOC 83:01
Ethan & Manoj 106:02
Terry Gillis & Mike Ray WPOC 109:18
Nick Navarjo 113:13
Chris Gillis WPOC 119:07
The Miller Crew 120:38
Loretta Opila WPOC 132:02
Jason Maruccio WPOC 133:07
Smell the Roses    mis-punched one control   183:11 WPOC DSQ
Joost & Melanie   missed three controls   121:25 DSQ

Green Course    6.2 km    280 m climb   14 controls
Matt Hartmann 78:54
Bryon Roland WPOC 83:20
Dave & Zeus WPOC 87:01
Jerry Agin WPOC 93:20
Dan Beggs 147:34
Jason Gray & Brad Thompson WPOC 153:56
Dead Kennedy H3 155:20
Bonnie Hartmann Rabbit Racing 165:02
Dave Battista   mis-punched one control   84:08 WPOC DSQ
Andy Shissler   mis-punched one control   118:44 DSQ
Mike & Diane Lorenz   missed one control   150:53 WPOC DSQ