Pine Ridge Park
Orienteering Meet
4 November 2007

It was a fairly chilly day, temperature around 45 degrees,overcast and rather windy.  But, it was a good day to orienteer.  Bryon Roland set some interesting courses, including the first Red course the club has ever offered.  There were a lot of positive comments about the courses from the finishers and the times were pretty good.  Several people went out on more than one course, including Alexis who won both Orange and Red by substantial margins.  After the meet, we had a very nice get-together in Pine Lodge with spaghetti, salad and desserts.  Everyone seemed to have a good time there as well.

Thanks to Mary McElhinny, Barbara Johnstone, and Laurie Opila for running registration.  Thanks to Jerry Agin and Bryon Roland for running start and finish.  Thanks to Mary McElhinny, Bryon Roland and Alexis Rzewski for helping with pickup.  This meet ends the Fall 07 season.  We hope to see everyone again in the Spring.

White Course   1.80 km    70 m climb     7 controls
Nicole & Steve Schlotterbeck WPOC 25:24
Andrew Jurczak, Grek Kuckuck, Jordan haines IUP 28:15
Barbara Johnstone WPOC 30:24
Sandy Augustine 39:10
Livingston Clan WPOC 43:10
Pack 375 Ligonier WPOC 48:53
Mike Ward WPOC 50:00
Nelson Chipman 51:45
Carl & Kurt Villwock 54:01

Yellow Course    2.90 km    140 m climb    9 controls
Hartle   46:30
Tim & Nathan Piper WPOC 48:14
Marina, Sara, Lori, & Ethan CMU 56:44
Anna Maria   72:43
Sam Taggert   72:50
Anders & Kanu Villwock 74:45
Paul Price IUP 80:10
Chris & Carl Malagodi, Janet Johnston, Giuseppina Mecchia WPOC 86:45
Emma Livingston WPOC 87:00
Barbara Johnstone WPOC 87:20
Mike Ward WPOC 111:28
Tom Kaveney & Linda Grant WPOC 122:47

Orange Course    4.28 km    145 m climb     12 controls
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 39:40
Mary McElhinny WPOC 60:08
Marina and Sara CMU 93:50
Ethan Goldblum & Lori Wandlandt CMU 94:50
Jason Maruccio WPOC 97:30
Nicole & Steve Schlotterbeck WPOC 109:34
Hartle 112:12
Loretta Opile WPOC 125:29
Sherry Shank WPOC 170:02
Sam Taggert  - only one control DNF

Red Course    8.01 km    300 m climb   16 controls
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 89:08
Toby Angove IUP 111:00
Jerry Agin WPOC 140:29
Mark Desnoyer 165:32
Scott Moreland CMU 168:01
Mark Malagodi WPOC 169:26
Curtis Mertz 177:17
Sean Fu & Douglas Brown PSU 209:00
Anthony Kelly  - 5 controls DNF