Blue Spruce Park
Orienteering Meet
26 August 2007

It was a fairly warm day, about average for late August.  The woods were wet from recent rains; they were also full of insects.  Nevertheless, everyone seemed to be having a good time.  The courses were generally designed to avoid most of the thick briars; but a few orienteers tried some totally unexpected route choices and got scratched up a bit.  The participant group was somewhat unusual for this meet:  very few non-club members and no scouts.  We also had a couple participants from neighboring clubs.  Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Mary McElhinny, Laurie Opila, and Alexis Rzewski for running registration.  Thanks to Bryon Roland for helping with  finish and instruction; and thanks to Mary McElhinny and Bryon Roland for helping with pickup.  The next event is our contribution to National Orienteering Day at Hartwood Acres.

White Course   2.32 km    75 m climb     8 controls
Candi Lockard   44:04
Giuseppinia Mecchia WPOC 51:13
Dennis Shawley 56:56
Mike & Zack Ward WPOC 59:53
Bonnie Mohr 60:38
Joe, Angela & Joshua Weltner WPOC 66:02
Emma, Sean, Ian & Jen Livingston WPOC 75:17
Alison, Emily, Jackson & Zeus 82:40

Yellow Course    3.20 km    80 m climb    9 controls
Jim H., Laura H., & Dennis B.  WPOC 39:38
Dave, Jackson & Zeus  WPOC 56:26
Susan, Alison & Emily  WPOC 68:01
Bonnie Mohr   84:48
Daniel Jenkins   108:21

Orange Course    4.37 km    155 m climb     11 controls
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 54:02
Dave Battista WPOC 57:23
Dave & Susan WPOC 60:51
Jim H., Laura H. & Dennis B. WPOC 65:25
Mary & Dave WPOC 91:40
Loretta Opila WPOC 109:01
Sherry Shank 147:47
Barbara Johnstone WPOC 150:53
Anne & Lonie       missed two controls    128:46 WPOC DNF

Green Course    5.62 km    235 m climb   14 controls
Toby Angove IUP 66:48
Andy Strat QOC 72:46
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 75:18
Rob Wilkison DVOA 108:41
Sten Kvist WPOC 111:08
Mike & Diane Lorenz WPOC 113:35
Jason & Will Lorenz WPOC 118:25
Curt Mertz 141:20
Jason Gray WPOC 141:23
Bill Croyle WPOC 152:30
Stephanie Martineau WPOC 178:30
Jim Trautmann     missed four controls    127:46 WPOC DNF
Phil Martineau     missed seven controls    136:56 WPOC DNF
Bryon Roland     missed eleven conrols     54:27 WPOC DNF