William Boyce Park
Orienteering Meet
3 June 2007

The weather cooperated for this meet; it was cloudy all day and dripped now and then but the rains held off until everything was done.  We had an excellent turnout, even though at least two boy scout troops that expected to participate went to the wrong part of the park and never found us.  Although we had basically no scouts and a number of our regulars were occupied elsewhere, we still tied our record for the most starts with 52.  This meet was our first venture into trying to include mountain bike orienteering with foot orienteering in an event.  Unfortunately, the bike orienteering did not work out well with only two non-club members trying the bike courses.  This was despite a rather extensive advertising campaign.

As first-time meet director, Alexis Rzewski did an excellent job of designing the courses and putting out the controls.  The course feedback was very positive.  Course times were generally a little long, mostly because we had so many new people and groups with kids; the vegetation may have slowed a few people down on the advanced courses.  Kristaps did not seem to be phased by the vegetation as he won both the green course and the long bike course by substantial margins and then also helped with control pickup.  Thanks to Alexis for a fine meet.  Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Phil Martineau, Wayne Richter, Loretta Opila, and Sally O'Donnell for running registration.  Thanks to Alexis for impromptu instruction and thanks to Kristaps Tamuzs and John Hartman for control pickup.  The next meet will be in the fall, probably August 26.

White Course   1.9 km    13 m climb     8 controls
Adam Young   13:53
Emily, Allison, Patrick & Jim   26:46
Dave, Karen & Jackson   29:11
David Zang   46:46
Jonathan Tagg   48:03
Todd & Peer Kaufmann & Gabrille Marsden   50:58
Janet Johnston   56:28
Chris Field   58:51
Livingston Family WPOC  62:09
Paul Yunecko   70:26
Susan Coville   77:22
Gottschalk Group - completed course but did not get start time   DNS

Yellow Course    3.40 km    70 m climb    9 controls
Kelly Martineau   35:23
Adam Young   45:03
Ken Lappin NEOOC 67:34
Gottschalk Group   67:57
Anne & Dave Koenig   85:34
Brad Meyer   85:34
Chrissy Anderson & Christopher Welsh   88:03
Tony & Dave Wright   88:04
David Zang   92:34
Greer Group   101:05
Susan Coville & Ken Lappin   107:29
Unligil-Shaikh Family   121:14
Wayne Richter WPOC  129:24
Wanderers WPOC 131:50
Mary Bates   133:00
Paul Yunecko  -  missing two punches  121:10   DNF
Mike Ward  -  missing seven punches  201:50 DNF

Orange Course    4.87 km    165 m climb     10 controls
John Hartman WPOC 54:28
Jim & Patrick   71:46
Tim & Kaitlin Piper WPOC 87:27
Randy Fasenmyer   97:54
Sherry Shank   116:51
Keith Irvin & Ian Bush WPOC 119:11
Karen, Dave & Ryan   121:27
Christopher Welsh & Chrissy Anderson   150:10
Loretta Opila WPOC 153:53
Tom Kaveney & John Popp   202:20
Tom Knapp  -  missing seven punches  64:27  WPOC DNF
Stephanie Martineau  -  missing five punches  110:20 WPOC DNF
Barbara Johnstone  -  missing three punches  135:25 WPOC DNF

Green Course    5.39 km    195 m climb   11 controls
Kristaps Tamuzs WPOC 57:12
John Hartman WPOC 77:30
Bonnie & Matt Hartmann   133:04
Curt Mertz   133:40
Phil Martineau  WPOC 151:33
Mike & Diane Lorenz WPOC  162:07
Tony Moul & Roger Sullenberger 171:30

Short Bike Course     4.97 km    135 m climb   11 Controls
Mark & Chris Malagodi WPOC 196:30
Kevin Brozyna  -  missing two punches   96:30 DNF

Long Bike Course        9.34 km     220 m climb     20 controls
Kristaps Tamuzs WPOC 103:30
Stacy & Todd   176:13
Greg, Will, & Jason Lorenz WPOC 178:40