University Farm
Orienteering Meet
15 April 2007

It was a cold, rainy day as winter made its third appearance this year; it was not a pleasant day to orienteer.  The park was very wet, very muddy and very slippery.  Nevertheless, we had a core of regulars and the Penn State students show up; so the number of starts were reasonable.  Thanks to Jennifer Livingston, Mary McElhinny, Laurie Opila, and Sally O'Donnell for running registration.  Thanks to Stephanie Martineau for helping with start and finish; and thanks to John Hartman and Bryon Roland for helping with pickup.  The next event is a night meet at Blue Spruce Park on May 5.

White Course   2.29 km    85 m climb     9 controls
Molly Carr & Becky Stiffler   67:50
Jordan & Adam PSU 81:47
Alan & Joe PSU 83:39
Nicole & Alena PSU 87:39

Yellow Course    3.17 km    140 m climb    9 controls
Mark Malagodi  WPOC 34:25
Mike & Ryan  PSU 58:05
Mary & Caleb  WPOC 61:28
An Album Cover   83:58
Laurie Opila  WPOC 88:05
Jennifer Livingston & Sally O'Donnell  WPOC 88:24
Thomas, Shin & Will  PSU 90:40
Jessica & Lauren      one wrong control  86:13  PSU DSQ

Orange Course    4.38 km    215 m climb     10 controls
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 41:47
Mary & Caleb WPOC 62:00
Toby & Breanne Angove IUP 72:20
Jason Gray & Brad Thompson WPOC 83:49
Mark Malagodi WPOC 92:42
Ethan Martin PSU 118:40
Sean Fu      one wrong control   77:27 PSU DSQ

Green Course    5.32 km    265 m climb   15 controls
Toby Angove IUP 51:45
Kristaps Tamuzs WPOC 67:27
Bryon Roland WPOC 73:00
John Hartman WPOC 75:43
Jason Gray & Brad Thompson WPOC 98:36
PhilMartineau WPOC 141:44
Luca & Alexis Rzewski WPOC 149:09