Camp Seph Mack
Orienteering Meet
25 March 2007

It was an extremely good day to orienteer at Yellow Creek.  The temperature ranged from the 50's into the low 60's and strangely there was almost no wind.  Clearly, everyone was ready to get out of the house; and many of them came to the meet.  We set records with the number of participants (113) and number of starts (52).  We also had excellent distribution of the participants with 12 or more starts on each of the four courses. Al Sheaffer was meet director and designed some very good courses.  Several very positive comments about the courses were heard and the times for the finishers were what you would expect.  We also set a record for new members (5) and membership renewals (6), largely as a result of Mary McElhinny working at registration.  Welcome to new members Bill Unger, Tim Spang, Brad Pinter, Kate Fissell, and Thomas Knapp. Thanks to all those who helped put on the meet:  Mary McElhinny, Stephanie Martineau, and Laurie Opila on registration; Kristaps Tamuzs in different roles; Bryon Roland on parking management (there were big problems with mud); John Hartman, Jason Gray,  and Bill Croyle on control pickup.  The next meet is on April 15 at the University Farm.

White Course   2.36 km    55 m climb     9 controls
Bill Unger WPOC 33:03
Wayne Richter WPOC 33:45
Michael & Ryan PSU 37:00
Kenneth Fairman   45:00
Joe Nicoletti & Allyn Zito PSU 54:30
Kristin, Kaye, Kendra & Carol   55:40
Emma, Sean, Jen Livingston WPOC 55:42
Mecchia Giuseppina   56:00
Molchany   69:40
Chris Carter   71:00
Peters Family   73:45
Tyler, Paul, Ian, Ben, Nick, Nick, Regina & Mike   91:09
Nathan Lucas, Eli Southern, Frank Csonka   122:10
Janet Johnston & Carl        Missed three punches   60:00   DSQ

Yellow Course    3.12 km    104 m climb    10 controls
Lenny Lewis & Andrew Eyler WPOC 36:24
Stephanie Martineau WPOC 64:45
Wayne Richter WPOC 65:00
Troop 622 BSA 67:50
Shin, Will, & Thomas PSU 75:54
Lauren & Jessica PSU 88:00
Sally O'Donnell WPOC 96:00
Adam & Jordan PSU 97:17
Chris Long   97:58
Blue Moose, Drew Molchany   99:07
Alena & Nicole PSU 101:17
Tony Ugoletti & Shane Boone   103:45
Kyle Molchany    One wrong punches  59:03   DSQ
The Recycled Boy Scouts     Three wrong punches  67:00 BSA DSQ

Orange Course    4.22 km    128 m climb     11 controls
John Hartman WPOC 49:47
Tim & Edna Spang WPOC 50:03
Tim Piper WPOC 60:19
Jason Gray WPOC 62:52
Greg & Will   68:58
Laurie Opila WPOC 109:20
Tom Knapp WPOC 110:15
Barbara Johnstone WPOC 117:00
Mark Schrecengost & Mark Lambert 144:11
Mark & Chris Malagodi WPOC 153:15
The Pinters       Did not get 3 controls   126:12 WPOC DNF

Green Course    5.14 km    195 m climb   12 controls
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 46:09
Kristaps Tamuzs WPOC 46:49
Bryon Roland WPOC 50:50
John Hartman WPOC 54:33
Rob Wilkison DVOA 62:23
Dave Battista & Roger Sullenbeze   62:41
Tim & Edna Spang WPOC 70:12
Mary McElhinny WPOC 70:42
Jason Gray WPOC 72:38
Mike & Diane   76:17
Bill Croyle WPOC 92:00
Kate Fissell WPOC 130:15
Tom Kaveney & John Popp   137:41