Stackhouse Park
Orienteering Meet
1 October 2006

It was a overcast morning and looked like it would rain at times; but it didn't.  The turnout was quite low, perhaps because of the weather.  We had a few newcomers, including several girl scouts.   Orange was a fairly difficult course because of the amount of climb involved; green was intended to be a fast course and that is mostly how it turned out; yellow was intended to be a scenic course; but few tried it.  Thanks to Laurie Opila for help with the start.  Thanks to Tammy Cash, Wayne Richter, John Durrant, Karen Barrick and Katie, Abbie and Steph for helping at registration.  Thanks to Mary McElhinney and Bryon Roland for helping pick up the controls.  The next meet will be WPOC's first night event on October 14 at Camp Seph Mack.

White Course   1.99 km    90m climb     10 controls
Whatevers BSA Troop 183 32:11
183 Scouters BSA Troop 183 54:21
Brad Pinter    56:24
Connie Thompson    60:37
Katie, Abbie & Steph GSA 61:42
Panthers BSA Troop 183 79:41
Ryan, Tyler & Jayson BSA Troop 27 81:13
Tammy Cash & family WPOC 81:17
Freeman & Wagner GSA 86:10

Yellow  Course    2.96 km    120 m climb    10 controls
Tom Gray   55:45
Charles Roberts   77:46
Colker family   154:03
Tyler, Ryan, Jayson       lost punch card BSA Troop 27 DNF

Orange Course    4.13 km    205 m climb     13 controls
Alexis Rzweski WPOC 50:17
John Hartman WPOC 64:20
Carolyn Fisher, Mike Houdk, Pam Milavec    106:51
Anthony Kelly    127:20
Wayne Richter   only 2 controls WPOC DNF

Green Course    5.33 km    140 m climb   14 controls
Alesis Rzewski WPOC 59:52
Bryon Roland WPOC 63:16
John Hartman WPOC 73:13
John Durrant WPOC & DVOA 102:27
Mary McElhinny    only 10 controls WPOC 129:15
Charles Veit     only 5 controls    101:04