Boyce Park
Orienteering Meet
16 September 2006

It was a very nice day for orienteering and we had a pretty good turnout.  We were trying attract newcomers because it was National Orienteering Day; we did attract some newcomers (27 by my count, although many of them show up in groups in the listings below).  Jerry Agin was meet director and he did an excellent job.  Jerry created some very interesing courses.  We had two white courses hoping that some of the newcomers would try the sport twice, and they did.  We had a long yellow course trying to stretch those with some white experience; that seemed to work too.  And there was a fairly difficult green (difficult due to vegetation) that the advanced runners liked.  Thanks to Laurie Opila, Barbara Johnstone, and Elaine Davis for running registration.  Thanks to Jennifer Livingston for miscellaneous help around the registration & start.  Thanks to Kristaps Tamuzs, John Hartman, and Alexis Rzweski for helping Jerry pick up the controls.  The next event is at Stackhouse Park on Oct 1.

Western White Course   2.2 km    85 m climb     9 controls
Wayne Thorniley 35:00
Jordan Grogan 36:25
Peri Unligil 36:30
Mark Kelly BSDA - Troop 213 50:01
Tyler Richter, Ryan, Tyler, Jayson Tuttle BSA - Troop 27 58:15
Steven Bally 58:29
Pesenti family 58:30
Mary Bates 67:04
Greer 67:20
Mark & Cole Hensley  - estimated time BSA - Troop 27 71:00
Emma Livingston  - missing 3 controls   37:08 WPOC DNF

Eastern White Course    2.6 km    40 m climb    9 controls
Wayne Thorniley   44:07
Jim Dunlevy  BSA - Troop 213 49:34
Charles Roberts 54:37
Tyler, Ryan, Jayson BSA - Troop 27 58:20
Mark & Cole Hensley  - estimated time BSA - Troop 27 60:57
Greer 66:34
Livingston Clan WPOC 69:05
Al Merranko  - missing 6 controls  69:24 WPOC DNF

Yellow Course    4.3 km    60 m climb     11 controls
John Hartman WPOC 30:44
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 32:44
Tim Piper WPOC 41:33
Smell the Roses WPOC 90:16
Mark & Chris Malagodi WPOC 111:03
Anthony Kelly 117:46
Karen Gracy WPOC 123:05
Charles Roberts 141:24
Stephen Tubbs 149:22

Green Course    5.8 km    150 m climb   15 controls
Kristaps Tamuzs NEOOC 55:07
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 56:09
John Hartman WPOC 58:23
Brett Schwartz HVO 87:16
Jason Gray & Brad Thompson WPOC 91:35
Mark Malagodi WPOC 94:41
Brian & Matt Suffoletto 135:01
Frances & Keith Irvin WPOC 141:05