Blue Spruce Park
Orienteering Meet
17 June 2006

It was sunny, hot, humid day; the temperature was close to 90o, a real contrast to the previous meet.  We had a moderate turnout, certainly better than in May but nothing to rival our best turnout.  Bryon Roland was meet director and set some interesting courses; most of the orienteers successfully navigated them but with relatively slow times.  We had one new member join; welcome to Mark Malagodi.  Thanks to Laurie Opila, Al Sheaffer, Wayne Richter, and Tammy Cash for running registration.  Thanks to Mary McElhinny and Alexis Rzewski for running start and finish.  And thanks to John Hartman, Mary McElhinny, and Alexis Rzewski for taking down the controls.  The next event will be in September for National Orienteering Day

White Course   2.0 km    70 m climb     9 controls
Hillie Billie Cub Scouts Pack 145 57:11
Sean Cousins BSA - Troop 670 59:35
Cody Henry BSA  60:48
Keri Lawless 66:43
The Rednecks BSA - Troop 50 69:13
Austin Davis BSA - Troop 670 71:32
Janet, Chris & Carl Malagodi 77:58
Kevin D & Jenny S 79:00

Yellow Course    3.3 km    130 m climb    9 controls
Lenny Lewis, Zach Anderson & Bobby  Venture Crew 31:25
Piper Family WPOC 43:56
Sandy & Tanya 91:42
Karen Gracy WPOC 101:14
Smores 115:02
Kevin Doty 125:52

Orange Course    4.5 km    160 m climb     12 controls
Mark Malagodi WPOC 96:58
Mike Houck & Mary Ann Hanlon 108:20
Laurie Opila WPOC 154:54
Keith & Frances Irvin WPOC 207:28
Al Sheaffer  - missed #8, 131:52 WPOC DSQ
Wayne Richter - stopped after 7 controls, 101:53 WPOC DNF

Green Course    5.7 km    295 m climb   13 controls
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 97:02
James Trautmann 101:22
John Hartman WPOC 104:17
Mary McElhinny WPOC 147:58