University Farm
Orienteering Meet
21 May 2006

It was quite a nasty day and many chose not to get beaten up by the wind and rain.  Actually, the rain stopped and the sun came out about 1:00 but that was too late to draw anyone to the meet.  There were also a few who misunderstood the directions to the event and went to College Lodge instead of the farm.  We did manage to attract one new member to the club; welcome to Matt Miklasevich.  Thanks to John Hartman, Barbara Johnstone, and Laurie Opila for covering registration.  Also, thanks to Jennifer Livingston and Jason Gray for brief assistance at the start/finish.  Finally, thanks to Johns Hartman and Jason Gray for helping to pick up the controls.  The next event is on June 17 at Blue Spruce; we certainly hope for better weather.

White Course   2.58 km    70 m climb     9 controls
Matt Miklasevich WPOC 65:21
Jennifer Livingston clan WPOC 65:47
Tyler Richter & Ryan Snyder BSA - Troop 58 97:08

Yellow Course    3.22 km    175 m climb    11 controls
Jason McKenna   58:40
Wayne Richter WPOC 77:26
Tom Kaveney & Heidi Adams  - missed two controls, 123:50 DNF

Orange Course    4.48 km    190 m climb     11 controls
Jason Gray WPOC 83:26
Mark & Chris Malagodi 101:33
Laurie Opila WPOC 148:00
Barbara Johnstone WPOC 188:12

Green Course    5.12 km    225 m climb   13 controls
John Durrant DVOA 88:40
Jason Gray WPOC 91:24
John Hartman WPOC 91:36
James Trautmann 104:12
Phil Martineau - found only 7 controls 98:40 WPOC DNF