Camp Seph Mack
Orienteering Meet
9 April 2006

It was a very nice day at Yellow Creek.  The wind off the lake stayed reasonable, with only a few 20 mph gusts, and the sun was out all day.  We had another excellent turnout; in fact, the number of starts beat our old record which was set only two weeks earlier.  Several people did more than one course and came in with good times on both courses.  The club added two new members; welcome to Karen Gracy and Wayne Richter.  Al Sheaffer was directing his second meet at Camp Seph Mack and everything went off without a hitch.  A variety of kids of all ages even managed to find a few easter eggs on the courses.  Thanks to Laurie Opila, Barbara Johnstone, John Hartman and one of the Penn State students (I didn't catch her name) for keeping registration going smoothly.  Thanks to Al Sheaffer, Mary McElhinny, Bryon Roland and John Hartman for picking up the controls; Al also put out nearly all of the controls.  The next event is on May 21; hope to see you there.

White Course   2.43 km    67 m climb     9 controls
Andrew & Michelle 33:30
Donald Wheeler group 41:28
Shane Boone BSA 50:09
Ryan McQueen BSA 65:38
Wayne & Tyler Richter WPOC 92:35
Donald Wheeler alone DNF

Yellow Course    3.14 km    110 m climb    10 controls
Lenny Lewis & Zach Anderson WPOC 33:43
John Davis 54:00
Ashley & Dave PSU 61:00
Zach Teeter & Brenden McCann PSU 61:27
Keith Bowman PSU 65:23
Frank Litavish PSU 70:12
Brent Berezansky & Josh Kuhstos PSU 71:23
Troop 622 (Adam Steinbring) BSA 73:46
Shane Stoehr & Colin Lennox PSU 74:48
Tammy Cash WPOC 87:52
Eric Steinbring BSA 89:21
Smell the Roses WPOC 89:25
Colker Family 94:14
Amanda & Emily PSU 96:00
Mark Malagodi 97:55
Karen Gracy WPOC 101:15
Wayne & Tyler Richter WPOC 116:52
Alex Tost 120:43
Austin Davis & Scott & Cliff McDivitt 122:43
William Croyle WPOC 143:35

Orange Course    4.19 km    140 m climb     12 controls
Bryon Roland WPOC 36:12
Kristaps Tamuzs NEOOC 37:37
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 39:32
John Hartman WPOC 43:53
Jason Gray WPOC 57:10
Steve & Toby PSU 62:10
Mary McElhinny WPOC 67:13
Michelle & Andrew 70:00
John Davis 74:17
Chris Muellen ROTC 82:12

Green Course    5.12 km    146 m climb   13 controls
Toby Angove 38:35
Bryon Roland WPOC 45:30
Kristapz Tamuzs NEOOC 45:43
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 49:45
Chris Peters 61:02
Jason Gray WPOC 66:30
John Hartman WPOC 68:30
Mary McElhinny WPOC 68:50
Joseph Woodley ROTC 95:50
Kate Fissell 141:20