Pine Ridge Park
Orienteering Meet
26 March 2006

It was a cold day for late March, a good day to be running through the woods, not so good to be standing around the registration area.  We had an extraordinary turnout, our largest event ever in terms of number of starts.  Several people did more than one course; and considering that meant climbing the mountain more than once, they must have been having a good time.  The club added four new members; welcome to Phil and Stephanie Martineau, Bill Croyle, and Frances Irvin.  Thanks to Sally O'Donnell and Laurie Opila for keeping registration going smoothly.  Thanks to Jerry Agin and John Hartman for holding down the start.  Thanks to Lenny Lewis who stepped forward in time of need and covered the finish.  And thanks to Mary McElhinny, Bryon Roland and John Hartman for picking up the controls.  The next event is on April 9; hope to see you there.

White Course   2.30 km    55 m climb     9 controls
Shane Boone 39:41
Sean Tucker 46:07
Zach Teeter & Brendon McCarn 46:18
Brent Berezansky 47:55
Ethan & Jarod 49:27
Cody Baker & Ryan McQueen 49:47
Emily Taylor & Amanda Gaffney 50:04
David Kukura 56:34
Billy Croyle WPOC 57:05
Jacob Sulkosky 58:45
Scott Hamley 75:23
Karen Gracy 78:22
Kevin Polsky 87:20
Joe Harr     -  missed last control 49:56

Yellow Course    3.28 km    115 m climb    10 controls
Lenny Lewis WPOC 40:00
Piper Family WPOC 40:25
Mary McElhinny WPOC 42:35
Bradley Treece & Jake Miller BSA 50:16
Mark Malagodi 56:22
Brad Pinter 66:19
Chris Wall (Troop 101) BSA 72:00
Karin, Pat, & David 74:19
Frances & Keith Irvin 84:49
Kim Alexander, Ashley Ashby, Dave Ballard PSU 88:30
Keith Bowman PSU 96:08
Pete Bronder 140:40

Orange Course    4.13 km    160 m climb     11 controls
Bryon Roland WPOC 47:26
Brad, Jason, Bill WPOC 68:27
Steve & Toby 77:22
Mary McElhinny WPOC 79:50
Mark Malagodi 123:40
Shane & Colin PSU 124:42
Tom Fitzgerald WPOC 226:02
Brad Pinter    -  missed last control 101:20

Green Course    5.06 km    150 m climb   13 controls
Bryon Roland WPOC 62:00
Jerry Agin WPOC 68:17
John Hartman WPOC 76:32
Tobias Weinthaeter 78:16
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 79:25
Rob Wilkison DVOA 83:15
David Torick 93:18
Brad, Jason, Bill WPOC 103:38
Phil Martineau MNOC 132:31
Stephanie Martineau MNOC 140:20