Stackhouse Park
Orienteering Meet Results
5 November 2006

It was a cold day that started cloudy and got brighter as the day went on.  It was good weather for orienteering.  We had a huge turnout for National Orienteering Day (I think Deb Beisel outdid herself in the publicity department).  We even had a photographer from the Tribune Review in Greensburg.  We had a lot of scouts and other newcomers, as well as a collection of the "regulars".  Thanks to Sally O'Donnell, Barbara Johnstone, John Hartman and Al Shaeffer for running registration, T-shirt sales so smoothly.  Thanks to Laurie Opila for doing preliminary map instruction.  And thanks to Mary McElhinny, Bryon Roland and John Hartman for helping to take down the controls.

We had at least 96 people come to this meet, making it the second largest turnout we have had.  Because we were so busy, we didn't have time to give out the prizes (compasses and a T-shirt that were provided by Brunton, a sponsor of National  Orienteering Day).  After the event, we held a random drawing to give out these prizes.  So, if you are a prize winner, you can pick up your prize at the next event.  Winners of a Brunton Compass are:  Bradley Treece of Clarksburg, Todd Vermileon of Johnstown, Tony Farina of Johnstown, and Alex Benincasso of Boswell.  Winner of the Brunton T-shirt is Mark Malagodi of Pittsburgh.

White Course        2.19 km     10 controls
Lenny & Tara Lewis WPOC 30:04
Mancinelli, Custer, and Edwards 40:09
Rob & Stephanie Cooney WPOC 43:10
Troop 325 BSA 52:58
Joel Troxell & Brandon Pier 65:39
Jan Lyle Irvin 68:50
Troop 204 (Part I) BSA 72:15
Sue Lombardi 74:00
Den 5 Cub Scouts 78:36
Tyler Gardner 83:37
Terry Troxell & Jerry Spaid 85:30
Rexx Cosgrove 87:33
Roxanne Masisak & Brad Boman 88:09
David Hunt & Linda Goodman 106:57
Troop 204  (Part II) BSA 123:00
Sean & Sharon Robb - three mispunches  82:36 DSQ

Yellow Course        3.50 km        12 controls
Rob Cooney WPOC 43:00
Mancinelli, Custer, & Edwards 44:30
Lenny Lewis WPOC 53:40
Al Sheaffer WPOC 58:00
Troop 622 BSA 81:00
D. Buckwalter & B. Barta WPOC 98:39
Trace, Hall, & Miller BSA 99:53
Judy & Eric Steinbring 103:51
Fleming, Fridley, & Miller BSA 111:40
O'Donnell & Johnstone WPOC 115:00
Sal Truscello WPOC 121:35
Fleming, Bruck & Kuhner BSA 170:56
Sherry Farina & The Squirrels - missed one control   126:20 DSQ

Score Course        90 minutes    18 controls    10 points each    5 point penalty per minute late
Name Club Controls Time Penalty Score
John Hartman WPOC 18 80:15 0 180
Byron Roland & Mary McElhinny WPOC 18 86:06 0 180
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 17 87:07 0 170
Jason Gray WPOC 15 89:47 0 150
Mark Malagodi 8 100:32 -50 30