College Lodge
Orienteering Meet
15 May 2005

It was an threatening day; and, although it looked like it might rain, it didn't.  The temperature was in the upper 50's.  It was a good day to orienteer.  Unfortunately, not many participants showed up; there were only 19 starts.  We added three new members from those that did come; welcome to Sal Truscello, Gary Lohr and Richard Fleming.  Thanks to Bryon Roland for helping to put out the controls and to Laurie Opila, Al Sheaffer and John Hartman for helping to pick them up.  Also, thanks to Sally O'Donnell, Barbara Johnstone, Al Sheaffer and Laurie Opila for helping with registration and instruction.  This was the last meet for the Spring season; the next event will be in September.

White Course   2.62 km    120 m climb     10 controls
Pam & Sandy Augustine WPOC 59:20
Bobby & Ricky Fleming WPOC 70:37
Weltner Family WPOC 83:12
Chris & Ally Peters 88:30
Livingston Clan WPOC 95:50

Yellow Course    3.56 km    200 m climb    11 controls
Mary McElhinny WPOC 35:49
Lenny & Tara Lewis WPOC 42:51
Al Sheaffer WPOC 68:07
Don Buckwalter & Berry Barta 89:29
Gary Lohr WPOC 96:14
Sal Truscello WPOC 99:30
Tammy & Meaghan Cash WPOC 99:30
Dave Allhouse 120:44

Orange Course    4.21 km    210 m climb     11 controls
Mary McElhinny WPOC 61:42
Sally O'Donnell & Barbara Johnstone WPOC 162:33

Green Course    5.16 km    230 m climb   16 controls
John Hartman WPOC 69:31
Bryon Roland WPOC 76:25
Jason Gray WPOC 120:02
Mark Malagodi 143:26