College Lodge
Orienteering Meet
14 November 2004

It was quite a cold morning; but it stayed sunny and warmed up enough to make it a very good day for orienteering.  I was concerned that the water on the courses would freeze; but no one complained; so it must have stayed liquid.  We added one new member to the club; welcome to Tammie Cash.  Thanks to Bryon Roland  and Anne Hoover who helped set out the controls.  Thanks to Regina Schrecengost and her kids and Tom Fitzgerald and his wife for running registration.  Thanks to Jennifer Livingston and Bryon Roland who helped with start/finish; and thanks to John Hartman and Laurie Opila who were pressed into service at the last minute to collect controls.  This was the last meet for 2004; the next schedule should be out by January.

White Course   2.18 km    100 m climb     9 controls
Lenny Lewis  Troop 50 BSA 29:48
Andrew, Ben & James Troop 133 BSA 52:50
Mark Schrecengost BSA 62:02
Pack 145 Cub Scouts 76:55
Tammie Cash WPOC 84:14
Andrew Steno 89:17
Finnegan Family  - missed one control  (85:22) DSQ

Yellow Course    3.43 km    145 m climb    9 controls
Piper Family 58:22
Terry Neely 76:27
Don & Berry Buckwalter 92:46
Linda Rearick 98:22
Joe, Cindy, Josh, & Emily Werns 100:05

Orange Course    4.52 km    230 m climb     11 controls
Jennifer Livingston WPOC 102:21
Anne & Austin Hoover WPOC 198:14
Loretta Opila WPOC 204:11

Green Course    5.54 km    240 m climb   13 controls
Kristaps Tamuzs NEOOC 61:33
John Hartman WPOC 71:00
Chris Hardie 84:57
Jason Gray WPOC 86:05
James Taylor 89:08
Don Annonio WPOC 118:54
Matthew Schoenfelt ROTC 211:10