Stackhouse Park
Orienteering Meet
17 October 2004

It was very cold day  for October 17.  Temperatures did not make it out of the low 40's.  We suspect that the gloomy weather should take much of the blame for the low turnout.  We had a few first-timers, but only a few.  We did add two new members to the club:  Don Annonio and Joe Weltner.  Thanks to Anne Hoover and Laurie Opila for putting out controls.  Thanks to Regina Schrecengost and her children, as well as Justin Foster and Mark Prebish of Troop 9 for helping with registration.  Thanks to Jerome Pesenti and John Hartman for helping take down the controls.  There was one glitch on the Score course on the far western part of the map; a cliff was not properly mapped.  This caused significant delays for some of the score course competitors.  We will try to improve the map in that area for the future.  We hope to see you at the next event.

White Course   2.21 km    50 M climb  9 controls
DJ & Justin Moore BSA 39:48
Chuck & Tony  (Beavers) BSA 48:16
Kevin Krause 52:24
Seth, Cody, & Evan  (Wolverines) BSA 65:44

Yellow Course    3.09 km    100 M climb   10 controls
James Taylor 39:53
Anne Hoover WPOC 48:59
John Popp 74:21
Bob Dodson 74:28
Joe, Angela, & Joshua Weltner WPOC 109:53

Score Course    90 minutes    18 controls    10 points each    5 point penalty per minute late
Name Club Controls Time Penalty Score
Kristaps Tamuzs NEOOC 18 90:35 0 180
Rob Wilkison DVOA 15 89:47 0 150
John Hartman WPOC 14 90:10 0 140
Jerome Pesenti WPOC 18 99:34 -45 135
Jordi Izavierdo 17 103:35 -65 105
Tom. Kaveney & John Popp 7 60:45 0 70
Jason Gray WPOC 18 207:23 -585 -405
Don Annonio  - lost punch card WPOC 7 87:56 0 DSQ