Stackhouse Park
Orienteering Meet
23 May 2004

It was a very warm sunny day for orienteering.  The temperature was a bit high (in the upper 70's) but everyone had a good time.  Overall, the courses were fairly difficult.  The temperature, climb, poor visibility, and muddy conditions all contributed to long times for the courses.  This was the first use of the finished map for Stackhouse Park; it was printed at 1:10000, in comparison to the draft used last November which was 1:7500.  The change confused a couple competitors.  Thanks to Laurie Opila for helping put out controls, directions signs, and helping with start and registration.  Thanks to Deb Beisel for staying the whole time at registration.  Thanks to Anne Hoover for helping with registration.  And thanks to Al Sheaffer and Rob Wilkison for helping pick up controls.  Also, welcome to Regina Schreckengost; she joined WPOC.

The first meeting of WPOC was also held at this meet.  Jim Wolfe and Jen Livingston will continue as the elected officers.  Deb Beisel and Bryon Roland agreed to help with publicity.  A membership list and a financial statement were handed out.  There was some discussion of developing new map areas, especially in the direction of Pittsburgh; Bryon Roland and Jason Gray said they would send Jim Wolfe information they had about Moraine State Park.  Jim said he would check out Boyce Park in  Pittsburgh for a possible July meet.

White Course   2.07 km    80 m climb     10 controls
Sara Wood group Troop 100 BSA 38:58
Jan Zimmerman group Troop 100 BSA 41:49
Eric Steinbring group Troop 622 BSA 48:22
Lenny Lewis Troop 50 BSA 71:18
Judy Hewitt group Troop 622 BSA 76:35
Cindy Werns group 85:32
Ben Veit 89:47
Regina Schreckengost group Troop 41 BSA, Troop 108 GSA 91:28
Daniel Jenkins 99:29
Ron Johns group Troop 622 BSA 111:00
Jennifer Livingston group      missed 7 and 8 WPOC 55:02

Yellow Course    2.87 km    115 m climb    11 controls
Jason Gray, Cara Sholtz, Brad Thompson WPOC 52:47
Nick Hodos WPOC 89:33
James Martin, Matt Sulkosky, Pat Nadzadi Troop 4 BSA 114:22
Sally O'Donnell        missed 7, 8, and 11 101:26

Orange Course    3.91 km    220 m climb     11 controls
Al Sheaffer      missed 10 and 11 WPOC 106:00

Green Course    4.96 km    220 m climb   14 controls
Sten Kvist    not certain of control order WPOC 104:51
Rob Wilkison DVOA 105:47
Jason Gray, Cara Scholtz, Brad Thompson WPOC 154:41
John Hartman   only first 7 controls WPOC 172:36
Bryon Roland     lost control card after #9 WPOC