Blue Spruce Park
Orienteering Meet
26 October 2003

White Course   2.20 km    10 controls
Jason Gray WPOC 24:15
Cody & Anne Hoover WPOC 37:22
Susan Smith GSA 52:56
Chris & Gary Karns 58:50
Austin Hoover WPOC 59:06
Emma & Sean Livingston WPOC 102:20
Phillip Lichtenls                 only 6 controls 44:30

Yellow Course    3.73 km    12 controls
Jason Gray WPOC 63:06
Al Sheaffer WPOC 78:13
Anne Hoover WPOC 79:03
Kristin Putaro 101:20
Tom Fitzgerald                             only 6 controls WPOC 93:55

Score Course    90 minutes    16 controls    10 points each    5 point penalty per minute late
Name Club Controls Time Penalty Score
Kristaps Tamuzs IK Auseklis 16 79:31 0 160
Rob Wilkison DVOA 15 86:35 0 150
John Hartman WPOC 14 93:30 -15 125
Jason Gray WPOC 8 80:08 0 80
Sten Kvist WPOC 16 107:20 -85 75
Shane & Benay Nachin     lost punch card 108 DSQ

The weather certainly did not cooperate for Jennifer Livingston's first time as meet director.  It rained on and off.  Although the turnout was small, everyone seemed to have a good time, even those who went after infamous #8 on the score course and had to contend with the briar patch.  Thanks to Anne Hoover, Al Sheaffer and Laurie Opila  for helping during the meet and to Jerome Pesenti and John Hartman for picking up controls after the meet.  Also, thanks to the Boy Scouts from Troop 9 in Brush Valley for taking their roles as monsters seriously to give the meet a Halloween flavor.  Jennifer did a great job on the meet; now that she has experience, we will need to get her to do this again.