Registration List for Raccoongaine IX (2018)

The following two tables show the teams that are currently registered for the Raccoongaine.  The teams are not broken down by category; they are only separated based on whether they are doing the 3-hour or the 6-hour course.  The lists are chronological - first team to register is listed first and so on.  The Size is the number of members in the team.  A ? indicates that  information is not known about a team.  A 'Y' in Borrow indicates the need to borrow a SI card.  "NO" in the Complete column means that the team's registration is not  complete.

We are a little over the limit because of some snail-mail registrations and because I miscounted during the frenzy of registrations.

Last update:  4 Jan 2018      Total Registered:  156        Limited to 150 people

6-Hour List
Team Name Club Category Size Borrow Complete
Andy Mowrey WPOC Masters, Men 1 Y
Mountain Meisters Masters, Men 2 Y
Fragile Flowers SMOC Elite Women 2 N
Swearing at  Our Bearing SMOC Masters Men 2 Y
Black Swamp Boys Elite Men 2 Y
Time Wounds All Heels SMOC Elite Men 2 N
Rogue Penguin SMOC Masters Mixed 2 Y
BeeRingers Masters Mixed 2 Y
Snail Trail WPOC Veterans Men 1 N
TopoLoco Masters Mixed 4 Y
Ohio Solo NEOOC Veterans Men 1 N
Surströmming NEOOC Elite Men 2 N
South Coast Canuck SMOC Masters Women 1 Y
tanZ Navigation WPOC Masters Men 1 Y
Topo the Mountain Elite Mixed 2 N
Jerry Agin WPOC Veterans Men 1 Y
Boulder Bob Boltz NEOOC Veterans Men 1 N
Spang WPOC Masters Mixed 2 N NO
Olga Huber ROC Masters Women 1 N
Son of a Shangle Elite Men 1 Y
Richard Lee Sparks SMOC Elite Men 1 Y
Joseph Brown SMOC Veterans Men 1 N
Brenda Carlson-Brown SMOC Veterans Women 1 N
Erin Rycroft Elite Women 1 N
Thomas Rycroft Masters Men 1 N
Ultra Crazies Masters men 2 Y
Pops Shangle Veterans Men 1 Y
Moms Shangle Veterans Women 1 Y
Lost and Found Elite Mixed 2 Y
Ralph Lindzon Veterans Men 1 N
MK Elite Men 1 Y
Robert Turanchik NEOOC Masters Men 1 Y
Riley Jane Elite Men 1 Y
Happy Campers Veterans Mixed 2 Y
Lost OH Rabbit NEOOC Masters Men 1 N
McPotter's Mayhem Masters Men 2 Y
Force Majeure Elite Men 2 Y
Glacial Speed Veterans Mixed 2 N
Steve Johnson NEOOC Veterans Men 1 N
Ow It Hurts Elite, Men 2 Y
Mitch Masters men 1 Y
FSU Elite Mixed 2 Y
Uptown Stogies Elite Mixed 2 Y
Richard Davies NEOOC Veterans Men 1 N
John Huffman WPOC Masters Men 1 Y
Clint Hartle Elite Men 1 Y
Warming House Wanderers Elite Men 2 N
Ryan Knecht WPOC Masters Men 1 N
Thunder Road Masters Mixed 3 Y
WeMo Elite Mixed 4 Y
Coolidge Elite Men 1 Y
Chuck Borchart Veterans Men 1 Y
Over the Hills Masters Men 3 Y
Amateur Hour CVOC Elite Mixed 2 Y
Tabernac Elite Men 1 Y
Eric Bressler Veterans Men 1 N
Scott Dye Elite Men 1 Y
Total Packages Elite Men 2 Y
Flazotta Masters Men 3 Y
Warren Masters Men 5 Y
Valleys & Boulders & Springs Oh My! Masters Mixed 2 Y
Wandering Gnomes Masters Mixed 2 Y
Lyons BFLO Veterans Mixed 2 N

3-Hour List
Team Name Club Category Size Borrow Complete
Sherry Shank WPOC Veterans Women 1 N
Sabich Veterans Men 1 Y
Salty Orienteers Elite Mixed 3 Y
SOLID Gould Family Elite Mixed 4 Y
Faber Flav Elite Mixed 2 Y
Shin COO Veterans Men 1 N
Chiori COO Veterans Women 1 N
Homan and Pups WPOC Elite Mixed 2 Y
Kellogg Masters Mixed 4 Y
Lee Bash WPOC Masters Men 1 Y
Doddering Gits Masters Mixed 2 Y
Wooters Elite Men 4 Y
Mountain Darts WPOC Masters Women 2 Y
Rob Wilkison DVOA Veterans Men 1 N
Alexis Shank WPOC Elite Women 1 Y
Dawson Veterans Mixed 2 Y
Lewis and Sacajawea QOC Veterans Mixed 2 N
Tall and the Small Elite Men 2 Y
K&N Masters Men 2 Y
Disoriented Elite Mixed 2 Y
Mocho Mocho Man Elite Mixed 2 Y
Derek Dawson Elite Mixed 2 Y
Hartle Girls Elite Women 3 Y
Mossy Rock WPOC Elite Men 1 Y
Jeff Jones Masters Men 1 Y
Fast Compass WPOC Veterans Men 1 Y
Story Elite Mixed 2 Y