Raccoongaine Registration  (Step 1 only)


Teams of 2-5 people or a Solo competitor may register. There are TWO steps in registration (1. Providing Team Information and 2. Payment); this page is for people who have paid already but skipped step 1.

Step 1Provide Team Information by doing either a. or b.

    a.    Send an e-mail message to the registrar containing the following information: team name, course (3-hour or 6-hour), whether or not you are borrowing an SI-card (e-punch), if not borrowing, your own SI-card number, an emergency phone number (not a phone number of a team member) and each team member's name, age, gender, address and phone number.  If you choose to send e-mail to register, all team members must sign the waiver statement at the event. 

     b.    Print the  registration form, fill it out by hand providing all information requested, and get all team members to sign the waiver statement.  Then, send this registration form to the registrar (address below) via the postal system.  Any team member who has not signed the waiver will have to do so at the event.  Note:  the form is now two pages long because of the added elements for the e-punching and the expanded waiver text - due to a requirement from Orienteering USA and the insurance company.

Registrar Contact Information:

Jim Wolfe
1904 Bates Drive
Johnstown, PA 15905

All registrations will be confirmed via e-mail.