Orienteering Magazines and Journals

Courtesy of B.O. Myrold, Hans Breckle, Francesco Lari, and Zsigmond Makra
  • Orienteering World

  • International Orienteering Federation
    Box 76
    S-191 21 Sollentuna, Sweden
    English - 6 times a year. Good general coverage of orienteering.

  • Scientific Journal of Orienteering

  • International Orienteering Federation
    Box 76
    S-191 21 Sollentuna, Sweden
    English - 2 times a year. Technical, sports psycology and physiology.


    IOF's on-line newsletter, published as PDF files

  • Compass Sport

  • 25 The Hermitage
    Eliot Hill
    London SE13 7EH, UK
    English - 6 times a year. By far the best English language orienteering magazine - on it's best it is on par with Skogssport.

  • Internation Rogaining Federation News

  • Only known address is the online link.

  • The Australian Orienteer

  • PO Box 263
    Jamieson Centre
    ACT 2614, Australia
    English - 6 times a year. Good coverage of Australian orienteers at home and abroad.
  •  Orienteering North America

  • DMB Publishing, LLC
    5 Kingswood Drive
    Bethel, CT   USA
    English - 8 times a year. Enthusiasm and strong local flavor.

  • Orientierung

  • Paul Grn
    Prinz Eugenstrasse 12
    A-1040 Wien, Austria
    German - 6 times a year.*
  • OL-Informationen

  • Joachim Gerhardt
    Kresseweg 11/603
    D-01169 Dresden, Germany
    Phone/Fax: +49-351-4117467
    German - 5..6 times a year.
  • OL

  • Yvonne Caspari
    alte Landstrasse 56
    CH-8803 Rschlikon
    German (with one page French and one page Italian) - 12 times a year. Many color maps, good race reports. Perfected the art of black and white reproduction of O-maps.
  • Le Point d'orientation

  • French -12 times a year.*
  • Ligne d'Arret

  • French -6 times a year.*
  • Suunistaja

  • Suomen Suunistusliitto
    Radiokatu 12
    SF-00240 Helsinki, Finland
    Finnish - 18 times a year. Many race reports and results.
  • Skogssport

  • SOFT
    Idrottens Hus
    S-123 87 Farsta, Sverige
    Swedish - 12 times a year. Probably the best (if you can read Swedish). Many maps, good in depth coverage of most aspects of orienteering.
  • Orientering

  • Norges Orienterings Forbund
    Hauger Skolevei 1
    N-1351 Rud, Norway
    Norwegian - 8 times a year. Good color maps, more style than content.
  • O-Posten

  • Idrtens Hus
    Brndby Stadion 20
    DK-2605 Brndby, Danmark
    Danish - 6 times a year. Strong local color, more international reports as Danish runners perform better.
  • Orienteering Japan

  • 7-9-5, Hino-minami
    Yokohama, 233 Japan
    Japanese - 12 times a year. Will help you find any and all orienteering events in Japan even if you can't read Japanese. Will be much more useful if you read Japanese.

  • Piazzetta Serego, 1
    37121 Verona
    tel. +39-45-8030601 Fax 8030646
    Italian - 12 times a year. Results, etc. In the December issue is included the Vademecum, with the complete calendar of Italian O-races, the ranking and the rules.

  • News of the Budapesti Tajfuto Szovetseg
    (Budapest Orienteering Federation)
    Chief editor: Schell Antal
    1053 Budapest
    Kuria u. 3. II/2
    Tel: 36-1-118-0933/292
    10 times a year

  • News of the Hungarian Orienteering Federation
    12 times a year
    * The information about these magazines is taken from O-International (Beat Renz 1984) and might be somewhat out-dated.