Expense Reimbursement Policy

WPOC will reimburse members for expenses in the following situations and for the following purposes.  In each case, it is the member's responsibility to request reimbursement, fill out a reimbursement form (attached) and provide receipts where appropriate.

1.  Necessary meet supplies
The key consumable supplies for a meet are punch cards, clue sheets, map bags, surveyor tape or ribbon, drinking cups, water and garbage bags.  For many of these things, a supply is kept with the club meet set-up materials.  Meet directors or course setters who need any of these materials when the club supply cannot fulfill their needs may purchase the supplies and be reimbursed for the purchase.  Reimbursement can be obtained only by providing receipts for items purchased.  If, at the end of a meet, some of the purchased items are left over, they become the property of the club and part of its supplies for future meets.  Purchase of necessary meet supplies should be limited so that as little excess as possible is left over.

2.  Optional meet supplies
The key consumable supplies that may be used at a meet are flyers (for the next meet or for nearby meets), brochures (about the sport or the club), prizes for course completion (string-o), awards (for all courses), food for those returning from a course (such as fruit or cookies), and food for those on a course (such as Halloween or Easter candy).  Meet directors may choose to provide these items at a meet and can be reimbursed for them under the following conditions.  If the total cost for such items for a meet is $10 or less, the director has discretion regarding the purchase of the items.  If the total cost is more than $10 and less than $25, the meet director needs to obtain approval from one member of the Board of Directors prior to the purchase.  (If the meet director is a Director on the Board, s/he must obtain another Director's approval.)  If the total cost is $25 or more, the meet director needs to obtain prior approval of the majority of the Board.  Receipts for the items must be provided to be reimbursed.

3.  Meet related travel
For a meet director, course setter or vetter, the cost of gasoline to and from an event site for the purposes of consulting with the land owner/manager, marking control locations, placing controls, and checking control placement and suitability can be reimbursed.  In addition, for the meet director, the cost of gasoline to travel to and from the meet can be reimbursed.  Reimbursement shall be at the rate of 15 cents per mile (however, this rate may be adjusted by the board of directors as need to account for changing gasoline prices.)  In addition, any tolls incurred going to and from the event site can be reimbursed with appropriate receipt.

4.  Necessary presentation materials
A club member who distributes club flyers/brochures, makes a presentation, performs a demonstration, or puts on a workshop while representing WPOC can be reimbursed for items purchased specifically for the event in order to do the task.  Covered events include outdoor festivals, scout meetings, orienteering classes for children or adults, presentations to civic or social organizations, and the like.  To determine if the member is representing WPOC, s/he must pass the following tests:

Was the member asked to do the task either by the Board of Directors or by the organization to benefit from the task (with that organization knowing that the person is a member of WPOC)?

Has the member notified the Board of Directors that s/he will be doing the task and received their approval to represent WPOC?

Is the member using supplies and/or equipment belonging to WPOC to do the task?  (This would include any of the following:  brochures, flyers, compasses, punches, maps, controls, videos, DVDs, or computer files.)

If the member can answer "yes" to all three questions, s/he is representing WPOC.  The member should notify the Board of Directors of the need for specific materials when requesting the Board's approval to represent WPOC.  The Board's approval then constitutes approval to purchase the materials.  The member must provide receipts for the purchased items to be reimbursed.  If the benefitting organization offers the member or WPOC an honorarium or stipend for performing the task, see the Honorarium Policy.  If the member answers "no" to any of the three questions, s/he cannot request reimbursement from WPOC.

5.  Presentation Travel Expenses
A club member, who is representing WPOC (see #4) at a presentation, workshop, festival, etc., can be reimbursed for the cost of gasoline to get to and from the event as in #3.  Tolls can be covered as in #3.  If there is a charge for parking, that can be reimbursed with accompanying receipt.  In addition, if the member's time at the event will span a normal meal time and the benefitting organization does not provide a meal, the member can be reimbursed for the actual cost of their meal if s/he provides a receipt.  If a member is not representing WPOC, s/he cannot be reimbursed.  If the benefitting organization offers WPOC or the member an honorarium or stipend, see the Honorarium Policy.

6.  Mapping Expenses

A club member who is field checking a map on a voluntary basis can be reimbursed for travel expenses as in #3, to and from the area being mapped.  A member who is negotiating with a land owner/manager for the rights to make a map or hold a meet on an area can be reimbursed for travel expenses as in #3, to and from the location of the meeting with the owner/manager.  A member who is being paid under contract to produce a map or field check an area cannot claim reimbursement under this policy.

Approved by the Board of Directors on 7 March 2009

Honorarium Policy

When a club member representing WPOC makes a presentation, does a demonstration, conducts a workshop or holds a class, the benefitting organization may offer to pay an honorarium or stipend for the service.  There are two possibilities:

a)  The payment is made to WPOC.  If that is the intent of the benefitting organization, it should make a check out to WPOC.  The club member can then give the check to the club President or Treasurer for deposit into the WPOC account.  The club member is then eligible to be reimbursed for any expenses under the Reimbursement Policy.

b)  The payment is made to the member.  If the payment is in cash or a check is made out to the member, the member may choose between two options.  S/he may turn the money over the President or Treasurer as in a) or s/he may keep the payment.  If the member keeps the payment, s/he is not eligible for reimbursement of any expenses from WPOC.

Approved by the Board of Directors on 7 March 2009