Permanent Orienteering Courses
Yellow Creek State Park

WPOC worked with DCNR and John Berkavich, a local high school student, to set up the permanent orienteering courses in 2011.  There are two courses:  one for beginners and one at the intermediate level.  Both courses are shown on a single map.  These are cross-country courses; that is, the sequence of controls to visit is specified.  The beginner course uses controls 1 through 9 in sequence; the intermediate course uses controls 9 through 20 in sequence.  As you visit the controls, you should write the code letter from the control stand on the code card portion of the instructions.  You can check the code letters for correctness by going to the Park Office.

The map and instructions for using it are available through the Park Office at Yellow Creek SP - the map is on one side of a page and the instructions are on the other side.  You can also get the map and instructions through the following links:  Instructions  and  Map   The park office is about 8 miles east of Indiana; take Route 422 to Route 259; the office is on Route 259 a couple hundred yards from the intersection.  The  Driving Directions  lead you to the North Shore Pavilion, starting place for both courses.  You can find out more about Yellow Creek SP at the park's website: Yellow Creek