Map Notes

The map of Forbes State Forest Ski Area is NOT a complete orienteering map.  Roads and trails and rides and a few other things are accurate and complete; however, there was very little off-trail field checking done.  There are two reasons for this.  1:  The map was originally made to teach beginner orienteering workshops, with no intention to use it in a more serious orienteering event.  2:  Much of the area is covered with very thick vegetation - mountain laurel that ranges from very thick to ridiculously thick and green briar undergrowth with the same range of thickness.  Also, areas of the map that are shown in white, except the few places where features (usually rocks or streams) are shown near a trail should be regarded as "terra incognita"  (unmapped).

Most trails are easy to run/walk on; however, there are some places on the trails east of Summit Road that are very rocky.  When you come to one of these spots, slow down; you could easily break an ankle otherwise.

Many of the trails extend far beyond the edge of the map, in several cases miles beyond.  Be careful that you do not run off the edge of the map.

There are several private residences within the mapped area.  These are all marked out of bounds.

Course Notes

Because of the nature of the map, all controls are set within 100 meters of a trail, road or ride.  And it will not be necessary to fight your way through much vegetation to reach them from the trail/road/ride.  Going cross-country (straight line) between two controls is not recommended because of the lack of off-trail field checking.

Near control 20, there is a private residence.  There are trails to the west and north of the residence; you are permitted to use these trails.