North Park Preregistration

Please read these directions before registering.

This form is used to preregister "Start Entries". A Start Entry consists of an individual or group which will stay together in going around the course. The form is only for Start Entries for the North Park event to take place on Sunday, October 18. The map fee is $5 per map for members and $6 for non-members, unless special pricing is in effect. There is one standard exception - for any minor registering individually or as part of a group, his/her map-fee is waived. This exception is to encourage kids to become involved in orienteering. The map fee is $3 for a second course for everyone. You need to provide the information for all of the required fields before clicking Preregister.

Preregistration stops 2 days before an event, e.g. 12am Friday for a Sunday event. You must register at the event; if that is allowed.
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If there is no acknowledgement HERE when you preregister, something went wrong. See the error message above.

No one can be preregistered; Preregistration is now closed. Register at the event.
Course Descriptions

Beginner (White):
A course for people who have never done orienteering before or maybe did it once. Length: 2-3 km (1.25-2 mi) Control placement along handrails (trails, edge of fields or streams). Requires only being able to orient the map.

Novice (Yellow):
A course for people with beginner experience. Length 3-4 km (2-2.5 mi). Controls may be short distances (up to 50 m) from a handrail. Course design must facilitate getting to or close to each control using handrails. Need to know how to navigate off trail a little, begin to understand bearings.

A course controlled by a time limit. Controls may be visited in any order; you try to visit as many controls as you can in the given time. Control difficulty is usually at the intermediate and advanced levels; however, some score courses have controls set for all skill levels.