Jobs on the Day of an Event

Here is a brief description of the tasks to be done on the day of an event. Note that several of the tasks can be shared, such as one person doing registration for half of the meet and another person doing registration for the other half.



(Manual Punching)

(Electronic Punching)


(Manual Punching)

(Electronic Punching)

Determine Results - Done After the Meet  (Manual Punching only)

Control and Water Put Out

There are always some controls which are not placed in the forest until the day of the meet.  Some of these may also be water stops.  Before the meet begins, a person must place these controls (and water).  Generally, the timing is such that these last controls should be in place one hour before the first start.  This makes it possible for those helping with the meet to go out on a course early, before the regular participants.  To do the task of putting out controls, you have to be given the control flags and a map for their placement prior to the day of the meet.  To do this task, you must arrive about 2 hours before the beginning of the registration time window - we will be using a window of 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Generally, this task is done by the meet director.

Control and Water Pick Up

After all people have returned from their  courses, the controls for all courses need to be picked up.  This requires staying late, after the close of the event.  It also requires orienteering skill; a person should have completed at least a couple advanced courses before trying to help with pick up.  A map of the controls to be picked up is provided by the meet director.  Controls are to be returned to the meet director, either later that day or at some predetermined date.  Water containers must also be picked up from the water stops.  Generally, used cups and water containers are discarded in the garbage or recycling.  Unused cups may be salvaged for a future event.  To do this task, you must stay about one hour past the last finish time.

Signs and Ribbons and Misc.

Most meets have some signs put up to direct competitors to where they should park.  Usually a banner is used to mark the Start or Finish.  Sometimes ribbons are used to direct competitors to the start or to registration.  All these need to be taken down after the meet is over.  The registration site must also be dismantled after the meet is over.  To do this task, you must stay about 30 minutes past the last finish time.