Club Brochure

 Flyer for All Meets This Year

Following are links to several flyers that advertise upcoming meets.  Feel free to print any of these and distribute them to anyone who might possibly  be interested in one or more of the meets.

Spring 2017 Meets

Location Date Poster/Flyer Directions Flyer with Map
Laurel Ridge S.P. Ski Area January 29  Laurel Ridge Ski Flyer  Laurel Ridge Directions
Raccoon Creek S.P. March 26  Raccoon Creek Flyer  Raccoon Creek Directions
Deer Lakes Park April 9  Deer Lakes Flyer
 Deer Lakes Directions
Laurel Ridge State Park April 23  Laurel Ridge Flyer  Laurel Ridge Directions
North Park May 21  North Park Flyer  North Park Directions
Frick Park June 4  Frick Flyer Frick Directions

 Flyer for All Spring Events


Fall 2017 Events

Location Date Poster/Flyer Directions Flyer with Map
Blue Spruce Park August 20  Blue Spruce Flyer  Blue Spruce Directions
Keystone State Park September 10  Keystone Flyer  Keystone Directions
Boyce Park September 24  Boyce Park Flyer  Boyce Park Directions
Brady's Run Park October 8  Bradys Run Flyer  Bradys Run Directions
Laurel Hill State Park October 22  Laurel Hill Flyer  Laurel Hill Directions
Pine Ridge Park November 12  Pine Ridge Park Flyer  Pine Ridge Park Directions

 Flyer for All Fall Events