Course Originally Planned
for the 3 October 2020 Night-O Orienteering Event
at Forbes State Forest Ski Area

Below  you will find a link to  the map for the course.  It is a .pdf file.  It is a 1:10000 scale map with 5 m contours.  You can print the course on a regular 8 1/2 x 11 page.  When you do the printing, be sure to choose "Actual size", not "Fit" and not "Custom scale".  Either of these last two choices will cause the printed map to be distorted in some way, i.e., mess up the scale. There is also a link to the control descriptions page (another .pdf file).  Finally, there is a link to a third file that provides some map and course notes.  Although this course was designed for a night event, it is NOT recommended that you try it at night; finding the control locations at night without standard markings is extremely difficult.

Control locations are marked in the forest with florescent pink tape.  Each tape has written on it "WPOC" and a number.  The number on the tape is NOT the same as the control number in the descriptions or on the map.  It is possible that a few tapes have disappeared.  It is also possible that a some tapes have the writing faded - weather does that.  There are no normal control flags nor any permanent markers and no reflective tape used to mark control locations for night events.  The tapes will remain in place only through October 31.  STAY SAFE OUT THERE!

Here is the link to the Night-O Map

Here is the link to the Control Descriptions

Here is the link to the Map and Course Notes

For driving directions to the Warming Hut at Forbes State Forest, go to Driving Directions

 Important Note:  By downloading the course map, you are implicitly agreeing to the WPOC waiver of liability
with regard to attempting to complete this course.